The maritime surveys constitute one of the core competencies of the Marine Surveyors Group.

We offer a wide range of marine survey services, which give our customers security regarding the information obtained.

Maritime surveys: get to know

  • On and off hire survey.
  • Condition surveys. (Pre purchase, insurance and P&I surveys).
  • Flag state survey.
  • Condition and valuation.
  • Bunker survey.
  • Bunkering survey.
  • Sampling
  • Crude oil discharge routine.
  • Draft survey.
  • Damage survey. (H&M and P&I)
  • Hold inspection.
  • Hose test.
  • Hatch cover testing UT.
  • Hatch Opening.
  • Strapping & sealing.
  • Heavy lift survey.
  • Condition and valuation of small boats.
  • Small boats damage survey.
  • Class Society surveys.
  • Marine Warranty Surveys